Monday, 23 July 2012


A tribute to the world's biggest sporting extravaganza, the Olympics
1. Name the other two years when London played host to the Summer Olympics.
2. Apart from hockey, in which sport has independent India won medals at the Olympics?
3. What is the motto of the 2012 London Games?
4. Who has been designated India’s flag-bearer at the Olympics?
5. In which Summer Olympics did events take place both in the Northern and Southern hemisphere and why?
6. Name the Frenchman who revived the Olympic Games by founding the International Olympic Committee.
7. Apart from London, which other cities were in the shortlist for hosting this year’s Games?
8. At 14 and counting, who holds the all-time record for most gold Olympic medals and has a chance to extend that at London?
9. What imposing structure would one see at Marshgate Lane in London's Stratford district?
10. In the context of this year’s Games, what does the story “Out Of A Rainbow” narrate?
11. Which mythical figure does the obverse of an Olympic medal feature?
12. Who replicated Jesse Owens’ feat of four gold medals, 48 years after Owens had done it in Berlin?
13. What is the motto of the Olympic Games?
14. Name the Canadian sprinter who was caught for doping, and stripped of his medal, after winning the 100m in Seoul.
15. Where were the Games of the XXXI Olympiad held?
Answers: 1. 1908 and 1948; 2. Boxing, tennis, shooting, weightlifting and wrestling; 3. ‘Inspire a Generation’; 4. Wrestler Sushil Kumar; 5. The 1956 Games at Melbourne. Equestrian events were held at Stockholm because of quarantine laws; 6. Pierre de Fr├ędy, Baron de Coubertin; 7. Madrid, Moscow, New York, and Paris; 8. Michael Phelps; 9. The main Olympic Stadium; 10. The genesis of Wenlock and Mandeville, the mascots for the Games; 11. Nike (Greek goddess of victory); 12. Carl Lewis; 13. ‘Citius, Altius, Fortius’ (Faster, higher, stronger); 14. Ben Johnson; 15. Nowhere! Because it’s the official name of the 2016 Games scheduled at Rio de Janeiro.

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