Tuesday, 7 August 2012


1. Name the African country with Yamoussoukro as Capital that became independent on this date in 1960.
2. If Campriani was second and Moldoveanu first, then who was third?
3. What were the first names of the famous science duo Watson and Crick?
4. Economists often talk of a country’s GDP. Expand GDP and what is it?
5. Rossini wrote a famous opera about a barber from which Spanish city?
6. Which important character in Sherlock Holmes has a name similar to a river that flows through New York and New Jersey?
7. If you sang the “Kimigayo”, what are you singing?
8. Traditionally which wood was used for making piano keys?
9. What is Apple’s latest version of OS X codenamed?
10. What is the term used for the pasta that is shaped like a bow-tie or butterfly?
11. Which Oscar-winning director plays Dr. John Hammond, the creator of “Jurassic Park” in the movie of the same name?
12. The “Teller-Ulam design” is the technical concept behind which destructive invention?
13. Which three countries border North Korea?
14. What was the original purpose of the spire on the famous Empire State Building?
15. Which Dickensian character has nicknames like Daisy, Doady and Trot?
Answers: 1. Côte d'Ivoire or Ivory Coast; 2. Gagan Narang (in the 10m air rifle event at London); 3. James and Francis; 4. Gross Domestic Product is the market value of all officially recognised final goods and services produced within a country in a given period; 5. Seville; 6. Mrs. Hudson (Hudson river); 7. The Japanese National Anthem; 8. Ebony; 9. Mountain Lion; 10. Farfalle; 11. Sir Richard Attenborough; 12. Thermonuclear weapons also known as the hydrogen bomb; 13. China, Russia and South Korea; 14. To dock airships; 15. David Copperfield.

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